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This non-foaming paste gently and effectively cleans and nourishes teeth and gums without questionable ingredients such as fluoride, glycerin, and Xylitol.  A Calcium Montmorillonite Clay base, combined with baking soda and lightly sweetened with organic stevia powder, our MINERAL TOOTHPASTE helps prevent plaque build-up, is naturally antibacterial, and leaves your mouth feeling refreshed. 

Packaged in glass. Please reuse or recycle.
3oz jar contains about 40 uses.

Apply 1/4 - 1/2tsp to brush and brush as usual. Rinse. It's totally OK to double-dip your brush- This toothpaste is naturally antibacterial.

Ingredients:  hydrated calcium montmorillonite clay, sodium bicarbonate, organic aloe vera, calcium carbonate, *essential oils, organic stevia powder

*Mint & Myrrh - organic peppermint, organic spearmint, myrrh

*Cinnamon - clove bud, cinnamon leaf

This product has been carefully hand crafted with high quality food grade ingredients, and without the use of extra preservatives.  
Please, store in a cool, dry space, and use within 6 months of purchase!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Betsy Boyles
I don't like natural toothpaste

I have not liked natural toothpaste in the past and had no desire to try this one because I find that 'natural' toothpastes just don't leave me feeling clean. I think I snagged one to get free shipping or something and I love it! Cinnamon is my favorite, and I love giving the small ones as gifts.

Rhonda Cline
In Love!!!!

As a dental hygienist who has allergies to ingredients in most commercial oral care products, I was really happy to have met Kristy and her line of paste! This product is by far the BEST one I have come across. My patients that are using it rave about how clean their mouth feels and they get A+ on their checkups and cleanings!


I HATE toothpaste. Brushing my teeth in the morning makes me sick to my stomach. Then I tried this toothpaste and my bushing days changed! This is the best toothpaste I have ever used. It cleans your mouth and teeth and makes it feel like you just came from the dentist. It doesn't foam in your mouth and it tastes great! I would, and do recommend this to everyone.

Hilary C.
Best natural toothpaste ever!!!

This is the one of the best natural mineral toothpastes I have ever used! Having tried quite a few different brands over the years, this brand has high quality organic ingredients that clean well and keep my mouth feeling fresh. This may be my new favorite, look out Uncle Harry's!
Thank you for making such a high quality effective product.