ALL DAY DEODORANT w/Baking Soda - Compostable PushTube

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The "stick" version of our best selling original, ALL DAY DEODORANT.  Smooth and clear, No white residue or dry crumbles!
Packaged in a convenient compostable paper push tube. Once it's cleaned out, just add it to your compost pile!
Formulated with baking soda (deodorizer), arrowroot powder (detoxifier), organic coconut oil (antibacterial) and cocoa and mango butters (moisturizers) for ALL DAY effectiveness and comfort. Scented with essential oils. Compostable PushTube 1.9oz Net Wt.

A swipe or two is all that's needed for All Day Adventures! Most report a tube lasting about 2 months!

INGREDIENTS: non-gmo arrowroot powder, organic fair trade coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, candelilla wax, organic fair-trade cocoa butter, magnesium hydroxide, mango butter, essential oils (except Unscented)


Blue Tansy + Cypress- cypress, tangerine and blue tansy

Cedar + Spice- cedarwood, cinnamon leaf and clove bud

Citrus + Herbs- sweet orange, lemon, lavender, geranium, rosemary, clary sage and myrrh

Lavender- pure, Bulgarian lavender

Lemongrass - pure lemongrass

Cocoa butter, mango butter and coconut oil provide the base for all our deodorants, enhancing the essential oil blend with smooth and creamy undertones.

* A note on essential oils-
Also known as volatile oils, essential oils are very strong and necessarily diluted to 3% or less of our final product. All essential oils carry a host of therapeutic benefits, and in too large of quantity, certain health risks.  While we strive for absolute safety and health, some oils should be avoided by persons with certain sensitivities, or if pregnant or nursing.  Please do your own research when trying a new scent.

This product has been carefully hand crafted with high quality food grade ingredients, and without the use of extra preservatives.  
Please, store between 65 and 75 degrees, and use within 12 months of purchase!

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Avid Reader
Love this!!

Bought this at a wellness salon in RI just shopping around, I LOVE IT!
I love lemongrass and so far it's lasted me 2.5 months, just ordering another one and an extra for hubby!
Love it.
Thank for making such a awesome working great smelling product and the container is to be recycled! Wish it had more than 5 stars!!

Great product!

What a wonderful product! I work outdoors, cycle, run--and this has proved itself as more effective than any of the plastic container varieties I have tried. I love its subtle and pleasant aroma and its recyclable cardboard packaging. I've bought extras for friends and family!

I found a deodorant that works!

I have struggled with body odor for many years. Three or so years ago I ditched antiperspirants because they never really worked for me and they aren't good for us. It's been a battle finding a natural deodorant that actually deodorizes, so I sort of just accepted that I'm a stinky person (thankfully I work outside most of the time).

I found this deodorant at the Moscow Food Co-op when I was searching for a deodorant to travel with. I didn't want to bring my DIY alcohol-based spray on the plane.

I forgot to apply the new stuff at the beginning of my trip and I was the usual stinky me. I used it for the duration of my trip--a tropical place. No stink, I was hopeful, but the true test was the plane ride back. It was proven a success at the end of my trip!

I am very thankful to have found this deodorant (my SO is too). I love the packaging it comes in as well. I am excited to try your other products!

Great deodorant!

This deodorant is all natural and works wonderfully! I now prefer this over the Crystal brand of natural deodorant that I have worn for years. I tried the citrus and herb scent and find it to be very nice. Works great for all athletic pursuits-- biking, hot yoga, really any activity! I highly recommend this product.